Dear Friend

from by Meghan Tonjes

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you'd be ashamed of all the things you said
as I stayed inside your bed
your friends are saying go and run and run and break away
he hurt you once
he hurt you twice
and now you're just a sacrifice he makes
when he has had too much to drink

all the things I swore I saw in you
I never saw them coming true
maybe I just need to see your face
here we go again, again
I always seem to let you in
and it's my fault 'cuz I'm the kind of girl who stays

I'm sorry
I couldn't make you be a better friend
I'm sorry
you know I fought for you until the end
you said I'd be the world
and I meant to be your girl
but it's alright, it's alright
I can breathe
it's alright, it's alright
I can breathe

i'm the one who put it on the line
her heart, her clothes and all her time
left them lying on a bedroom floor
and you're the one who said it meant the most
as we fell back against the coast
i know I'll be the one to take the blame

chorus x1

and I'm the first to make it out
say it loud, just say it loud
if you wanted to be here
yeah, you would
I take this as a final stand
here I am and here I am
and all I have are all these empty words

here are the dreams I meant to hold onto
I kept them nice and safe for you
wrapped and made a lunch for you to take
maybe baby you'd be fair
and finally give me a care
call out when you think we're gonna break
'cuz I need a break

chorus x1


from In Between, released October 10, 2010




Meghan Tonjes Los Angeles, California

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